Nova Asset Management requires that all of our vendors enroll with Compliance Depot prior to doing business with our communities. Nova Asset Management uses Compliance Depot’s vendor accountability system to ensure our vendors abide by our business practices and ethical standards before beginning a working relationship with your business. By using Compliance Depot, Nova Asset Management is ensuring that our clients, communities, and vendors have an overall better experience by minimizing unwanted risk.

When you become a Nova Asset Management Compliant Vendor you have been approved to solicit your services to all properties managed by Nova Asset Management. Below are the steps you’ll need to take to begin the enrollment process:

  1. Call Compliance Depot at 888-493-6938. You will be asked for company information and an annual enrollment fee.
  2. Note: Your business will be categorized as an on-site or an off-site vendor based on whether your business category typically visits the property or not. On-site vendors are required to provide proof of insurance. Off-site vendors are not required to provide proof of insurance, but must still enroll and complete other requirements. The enrollment fee is also reduced for off-site vendors.

    Note: Do not send documents to Nova Asset Management corporate or site offices.

  3. Once enrollment is complete, you may check your status via the Compliance Depot website at using the user name and password that you have been provided by Compliance Depot.
  4. Begin work for Nova Asset Management.

  5. Additional Notes:

    • Until all requirements are met, the property staff may not hire you as a vendor.
    • In order to begin work all work must be approved by the property supervisor and Corporate office.
    • Beginning work before becoming an approved vendor may result in delayed payment OR no payment at all.
    • Approval as a Nova Asset Management vendor does not guarantee being hired for work, or that you’ll be added to Nova Asset Management preferred vendors list. You should contact our on-site property staff to be hired as a vendor.
    • Please note that it is your responsibility to keep your documents updated with Compliance Depot and renew your enrollment each year.

    Note: All invoice payment status questions should be directed to the on-site manager.